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Solar Screens

Solar Screens are becoming a very popular solution to high energy costs and heat problems you experience with your home or business. Their growing demand is due to their outstanding value and protection against the sun’s heat. Unlike window film, solar screens block up to 90% of the heat before it ever has a chance to penetrate through the glass. They have also become a great alternative to purchasing new windows.



What is a Phifer Solar Screen?
A Phifer solar screen is a unique, heavy duty woven mesh that is specially designed to block the heat from penetrating the windows. It is the most cost effective way to control the sun’s heat and glare. Much like a big tree, an exterior solar screen will help reduce your energy costs, increase your air efficiency and will help reduce glare that causes fading of home furnishings and floors. Phifer Suntex solar screen fabric is extremely durable, mildew and pet resistant.


What the Benefits of a Solar Screen?

Cools Your Home or Business
A solar screen can cool problem rooms up to 15 degrees, making the troubled areas much more comfortable in the hot summer months. The heat is blocked before it ever has a chance to penetrate the glass.
Reduce Cooling Energy Costs
Studies have shown that solar screens installed on exposed windows can reduce the cooling portion of electric energy costs as much as 30-35% on a typical home in Texas. The payback period typically takes 1-2 years after installation of entire house.

Protection from Fading and Glare
The UV rays blocked by solar screens can help protect your valuable home and business furnishings such as computers, televisions, furniture, window drapes, floors and expensive paintings. Solar screens are great at eliminating any glare spots you might have on your televisions or computers.

Daytime Privacy
Solar Screens offer great privacy for your home or business. With solar screens on your windows, it is very hard, if not impossible for people to see into your home during the daylight hours. Much like dark tinted glasses, even though people can’t see in, outward visibility is excellent, especially with the darker colors.

How Does A Solar Screen Do All That?
Solar Screen material cools and protects by reducing heat and UV rays in various ways. 70% of the heat is absorbed by the window screen, 10% is reflected by the window screen and another 10% dissipates because of the airflow coming through the screen.

What Type of Solar Screen is Available?
At Allstar Solar Screens we have offer 70%, 80% or 90% heat rejection fabric by Phifer Suntex. The higher the protection the less openness you will have. An 80% fabric for example is 80% woven closed and 20% open. This allows the fabric to reject heat while still allowing clear visibility to the outside. Allstar Solar Screens offers a variety of colors in material and in frames.

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